West McLean Soil Conservation District
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Garrison, ND 58540
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Achievement Award Winner
Congratulations to Schreiner Family Farm for being named West McLean SCD 2018 Achievement Winner. Glenn Schreiner and his family has been selected as West McLean Soil Conservation District 2018 Achievement Program winner for his continuous efforts to enhance his crops and give habitat to wildlife in his part of the county. Glenn farms with his son Nick and nephew Jake Sayler, together they go above and beyond the requirements needed for their programs. They also use the best management practices on acres not enrolled in any programs. The conservation practices that have been implemented on the Schreiner’s Family Farm over the years have been a diversified crop rotation with cover crops, establishing pollinator plots, leaving standing crop in multiple fields for wildlife. They utilize advanced spray technology and GPS to control drift of spray and target spots in the field. Glenn has also recently planted a few thousand feet of trees for farmstead windbreak to enhance his established windbreak. The new rows of trees will also benefit wildlife with food and cover.