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Achievement Award Winner

The Bauman Family has been selected as West McLean Soil Conservation District 2020 

The Bauman Family has been offered this award a few different years, but just like any other year when presented with the option to accept or decline, Don was very excited to hear his hard work and his passion for conservation has been chosen, he would respectfully decline. 
Donald was very interested in soil conservation he was a member on West McLean SCD for 26 years. He was one of the first famers in the area to implement chemical fallow for the acres not cropped in a year plus no-till of all crops. Along with the soil conservation he was interested in supplying upland wildlife habitat. The acres he farmed which were not as conducive to growing crops he put into CRP. This forage greatly increased the population of pheasants and other upland game. Don really enjoyed hunting as well as sharing these opportunities with others. He planted many acres of trees, the largest of 12.4 acres. This plot was developed after much thought and consideration about which species and where each species should be planted. The first year these trees were all hoed by hand. When Donald and Edith were first married they would spend a couple weeks in June hand spraying the trees. In 2011 they planted another tree plot of 8.7 acres next to the wildlife preserve. On the home quarter of Don’s Parents he would continue to add rows of trees where he felt it would benefit the wildlife.
With the passing of Donald in 2019 his wife Edith and step son Lyle Harris have taken what Don started and continue to practice great conservation on the land for better soil health and great hunting opportunities for future generations. 

Congratulations Bauman Family, Don has been greatly missed by all who knew him.