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Machine Tree Planting

West McLean SCD provides a machine planting service to plant conservation grade trees for farmstead windbreak, field windbreak, etc. 


The SCD provides the labor, tractor, planter, and trees. 

The producer is responsible for adequate ground preparation before planting. 


The SCD will create a soil type map in order to give recommendations on the best species for your site. We will also provide planning assistance so that you are sure to achieve a planting that you are completely satisfied with. 


Planning begins in the fall for tree plantings that will be completed the following spring and continues throughout the winter. Stop in the office early to guarantee your spot! Deadline for a tree planting sign up March 1st.

Pricing: $40/100 Linear Feet - $500 Minimum

Weed Barrier Fabric Installation

Weed barrier fabric is very helpful to young trees in new tree plantings. It helps to reduce weeds and conserve moisture. It is not required, but it is recommended. 


West McLean SCD has a machine to lay the fabric and will provide the labor, tractor, applicator, and fabric. This will be done the same summer that the trees are planted. 

Fabric is 6 feet wide. 

Deadline for sign up- March 1st.


PRICING: $70/100 Linear Feet - $750 Minimum


To order trees print off the form from the link below and either drop it off at the office or email to

Ordering form below and mail to the address listed 

Order Deadline March 29th 


Trees will usually arrive mid-April to early May, at that time you will be contacted to pick up your trees. 

Windbreak Health Inspection

As spring approaches and trees start leafing out, many rural   landowners notice their windbreak doesn’t look as green and healthy as it once did. There may be down branches or standing dead trees, or     evidence of disease or pest infestation. Although trees are long lived and tree plantings are intended to give many years of protection, every windbreak should be inspected periodically to ensure it is still able to serve the purpose it was planted to perform.


The West McLean Soil Conservation District is able to inspect your windbreak and assess its effectiveness in protecting the farmyard or other structures it was planted to protect, and make management                 recommendations for keeping it healthy and functional. This is provided completely free of charge and the landowner is under no obligation to follow the recommended practices.

Additional Resouces

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